The Ego and Left-Handed Tennis Shoes

15 Apr

It is now April 14 2012, my name is Roger Labbe JR, and I am now writing a blog that will probably never get read by another person, oh well, I choose to write. This country, this world is in big trouble. Putting all of its massive financial deficits and insolvencies aside, the world is in spiritual free-fall.  One of the reasons for this is this scourge called the Ego: “Edging God Out.”

The mantra of this scourge is “I need more.” The ego cannot be satisfied, for it is the false self. No matter what your job title, your income, or any other status of perceived success, your ego will continue to say–I need more. You see people of all stripes in these perpetual pathological states of having to strive, achieve, acquire, all with the hope of finally arriving–but to no avail–it never comes. I wear left-handed tennis shoes.

The truth of most people’s existence is that they have already arrived, but they do not know it. It is a person’s choice in the very present moment to feel complete and fulfilled–but most do not choose to. Once you quiet the internal dialogue, which is the voice of the ego, this incessant need for more goes away. The irony of not having to achieve and acquire is that once you have eliminated these feeling of needing more–more begins to show up in your life. Once the detachment from this need has manifested, not only will “you” begin to see and experience life on a higher level of consciousness, the people around you will also. The real you, this loving, excepting, fulfilled being has everything it ever needed. Quiet your mind and go there–its waiting.  Roger Labbe JR


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15 Apr

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